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You will not "lose everything": you get a fresh financial start if you file bankruptcy.  It is a legal process that allows you to eliminate most (if not all) of your debts. Collection agencies and creditors stop calling. Wage garnishments stop.

Start fresh

Personal Bankruptcy is a legal process in which you may be discharged from most of your debts.  It is regulated by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (the “Act”). The purpose of the Act is to permit an honest, but unfortunate, debtor to obtain a bankruptcy discharge from his or her debts, subject to reasonable conditions.  Your unsecured creditors will not be able to take legal steps to recover their debts from you (such as seizing property or garnishing wages).



After my wife passed away, I found a place where I could be around people without having to talk to anyone: the local casino.  Eventually, I started gambling – within two years I had remortgaged my house three times, and had maxed out my credit.

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