warning signsWarning Signs

  • Your Credit cards and other lines are all maxed out.
  • You only pay the minimum balance due on credit cards.
  • Once you have paid off a credit card, you immediately start charging on it again.
  • You pay bills and rent with credit cards or loan money.
  • You take cash advances or use credit cards to pay bills or go out.
  • You don’t have any money left over after your bills are all paid for the month.
  • You don’t have any savings or emergency funds set up.
  • You can’t sleep and feel stressed about money.
  • You don’t know how much debt you have.
  • You bounce cheques.
  • You cannot seem to get out of your overdraft.
  • You have been denied credit.
  • Collectors are hounding you.
  • You are lying about money to friends and family.
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Rising Interest Rates and Mortgage Renewal

When the Bank of Canada raises interest rates, the big banks raise their prime lending rate, which results in higher mortgage payments when you renew your mortgage and higher unsecured debt servicing costs.   A recent survey has shown that many Canadians struggle with covering their current living expenses and debt Read More

Break The Credit Card Debt Cycle

In the last 3 months of 2016, Canadian households increased their debt by $30 billion to $2,028 billion with revolving credit card debt totaling $596 billion of that amount. The average credit card debt carried by each Canadian was reported to be $3,954. Despite there being fewer active credit cards,  Canadians Read More

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