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About Us

At Hardie & Kelly, we're Calgary born and bred. Not only are we based in Calgary, but our decisions are made in Calgary in the best interest of our Calgary clients -- not a distant corporate head office.

Getting Out of Debt

As Calgary Licensed Insolvency Trustees (formerly Bankruptcy Trustees), we have helped thousands of people find the relief they need by solving their personal and business debt issues.

We know the negative impact debt can have on people. Debt invades and sours our lives in many ways. Debt can impact our sleep, our relationships, as well as our diet and exercise patterns. Many people use food, alcohol and drugs to cope with debt-related stress. A crushing debt load can erode confidence, health and happiness. Prolonged debt, with little hope of ever earning your way out, can become a spirit-crushing burden that robs you and your family of your freedom. That’s too high a price to pay; there are much better options to suffering in silence or hoping for a way out.

Declaring Bankruptcy

Having to declare bankruptcy may not be the only option available. At Hardie & Kelly, we can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision – and take back control of your financial situation and your life. Call us at  (403) 777-9999 to arrange for a free consultation.