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Apache Superior Printing Ltd.


On September 23, 2015, Apache Superior Printing Ltd. (“Apache”) filed an assignment in bankruptcy and Hardie & Kelly Inc. was appointed as Trustee (the “Trustee”) of the bankrupt estate.  A proof of claim form and proxy are provided below.  Copies of the Statement of Affairs are available by contacting the Trustee at the number listed below.

Motion Materials

October 1, 2015 Application (TPL Purchase Agreement)

1. Application materials for October 1, 2015 Application (TPL Purchase Agreement)

2. Affidavit of David Gordon-Cooper filed September 29, 2015

3. Supplemental Affidavit of David Gordon-Cooper filed September 30, 2015

Trustee Reports

1. First Report of the Trustee filed September 29, 2015

2. Supplemental to the First Report of Trustee filed September 30, 2015

Court Orders

1. TPL Transaction Order filed October 1 2015

Notice to Customers

On October 1, 2015, the Trustee sought and received Court approval for the sale of various Apache assets and the transfer of certain Customer Data assets in the possession of Apache to The Times Press Limited (“TPL”), subject to the obligation of TPL to return any information or property related to such customer upon such request by the customer.

The Trustee understands that TPL will be contacting you very shortly in an effort to try to minimize the impact on your immediate printing needs and should you wish to reach a representative of TPL, you can contact TPL at orders@apacheprint.com.

Customers wishing to obtain completed goods which may be in the possession of the trustee such as prepaid, preprinted business cards or prepaid, preprinted envelopes are instructed to complete the Property Reclamation Form provided below, providing details of all property believed to be in the possession of the Trustee, together with evidence supporting the customers claim.  Completed Reclamation of Property Forms are to be emailed to jbeauchamp@insolvency.net.

Proof of claim forms

ASP – Proof of claim form

Proxy forms

ASP – Proxy

Property reclamation form

ASP – Property reclamation form

Distribution to creditors

At this time, until the realization of Apache assets is complete, any estimated distribution to creditors resulting from the bankruptcy is unknown.

Trustee contact information

For further information, please contact Jerri Beauchamp at jbeauchamp@insolvency.net or (403) 536-8503.