Eagles Quay Properties Inc.

Hardie & Kelly Inc. in its capacity as Receiver of Eagles Quay Properties Inc. (“EQPI”) is selling its right, title and interest in EQPI’s substantive asset, being 11 individual real-estate lots in a fully serviced development located on the northwest shore of Sylvan Lake Alberta (the “Properties”).

Marketing materials previously prepared by EQPI noted several attractive qualities pertaining to the Properties:

  • Each fully treed lot is a minimum of 0.75 acres, some with lakefront access and lake views from each estate lot;
  • Lake access with private dock is available to each lot owner;
  • Lakeshore access for all residents through two stairways to the waters edge;
  • Services are installed to each lot line at no cost to the purchaser;
  • Design features include walking trails, outdoor benches, picnic tables and a park.

Interested parties should contact the Receiver’s listing agent, Jim Jardine of Trilliant Real Estate Group at 403-350-8778 or Kevin Meyler of the Receiver at 403-536-8526.

Harmon International Industries Inc.

Hardie & Kelly Inc., in its capacity as Receiver of Harmon International Industries Inc. is marketing through ICR Commercial Real Estate (“ICR”), its right, title and interest in the properties bearing the civic addresses of 2401 Millar Avenue and 821 – 47th Street East, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Interested parties should contact Mr. Todd Butler or Ms. Tusia Black of ICR at 306-933-2929 or 306-664-6116 respectively.