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Corporate Insolvency Trustees in Calgary

At Hardie & Kelly, we understand the passion and amount of work that goes into building your business. Relationships are formed with employees, customers and suppliers serving to compound the questions and discomfort that arise when your company experiences financial difficulty.

We know the negative impact debt can have on people. Business owners are often tied into the financial success of their company and when that company is facing financial difficulty, we understand the impact that it has on individuals on both a personal and company level.

As trusted local Calgary business advisors, our three partners have a combined excess of 70 years experience in the insolvency practice area helping people find the solutions they need to address their business debt issues, which may involve the filing of proposals to their business creditors or formally assigning their company into bankruptcy.

Having a company in financial difficulty does not mean you are a failure.   All businesses involve some amount of risk and Hardie & Kelly has helped many savvy business owners, like yourself, navigate through the options available for companies that are no longer profitable or sustainable at current debt levels. We can help you, too.

If you would like to talk to one of our business bankruptcy experts for a free corporate insolvency consultation, please call us at 403-777-9999.