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5 Ways to Trick Yourself into Savings

Many individuals in Alberta are experiencing challenging financial times making it difficult to contribute to a savings account however it is especially important now to set aside some funds to deal with unexpected future financial challenges. If conventional ways for saving aren’t working for you, try one or more our tactics to trick yourself into saving until it turns into a habit:

Forget the Raise

leaf coins

If you were lucky enough to get a raise recently, don’t spend it! Consider putting the extra cash into a savings account. If you do this for a period of time you won’t have the opportunity to miss the extra money and your savings account will grow and provide you will a financial cushion for the future.

Photo source: http://blog.mint.com/how-to/7-steps-to-landing-a-raise-in-2014-1013/

Don’t Kick the Habithighkicks

If you have been able to pay off your car loan or maybe you finally paid off your student loans. Don’t kick the habit of setting aside funds in your budget, redirect the funds into a savings account. You won’t miss the money because you won’t be used to having it. Investigate setting up a savings account or an RRSP and arrange an automatic withdrawal so you won’t be tempted to spend the cash..

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Lost & Foundlostandfound

If you receive an unexpected gift or a small windfall or if you have contributed to an RRSP, invest the money or the tax refund once received. All of these scenarios result in extra cash for your savings account- like a bonus for your savings account. These methods will allow you to get ahead and grow your savings, you’ll thank yourself later.

Photo source: http://blueberrybluegrass.com/lost-found/

Keep the Changecoinpile

That jar full of quarters sitting on your counter can be extremely useful in a savings plan. Try putting larger coins away and see how much you can accumulate in the month, or take ‘baby’ steps and use a week to start. Take it to the bank on a regular basis.

Photo source: http://randyfrazier.com/you-can-keep-the-change/

Pay Yourself!

Every time you make an online purchase, do an online transfer to your savings account of 10%!

If you’re finding it hard to save money because your bills are more than you can afford, give Hardie & Kelly a call. We can help!.

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