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Emotions and Your Financial Success

Do you understand how emotions contribute to living financially stressful lives?

Emotions & Financial Success

Money “memories”

Memories of overhead conversations surrounding money may shape how you handle your finances. If your early experiences were of tense, stress filled discussions, it can play into how you handle your finances or in some cases lead to avoidance of financial problems.

Using money as an emotional band–aid.

Spending can be used as a quick fix to help you feel better by taking your mind of something you have been struggling with or to boost your self-esteem. Recognizing emotional spending triggers are essential to having a sound financial life.

Money as an expression of love.

Tying spending to this type of emotion can be detrimental to both your financial situation and to the relationship. Gift giving is great but it can be damaging if you can’t afford it. This is especially important as the Holiday season approaches.

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