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Groceries and Your Wallet

Are you finding your grocery bill is rising and you are having difficulty in staying within your budget? Some of these tips may be able to help you stretch your budget a little further.

Grocery Coupons


Some people find it difficult to see the savings in using coupons, however, some folks can routinely save up to 25% on their grocery bills. That can be up to an extra $1000 per year for an average family, money that you can be used on other essentials or used for savings!
Photo source: http://www.gatlinburgspaceneedle.com/blog/gatlinburg-tips/gatlinburg-coupons-summer-2012

Branding DeceptionBe Aware of Branding
Advertising often bends the truth in favor of the advertiser. Big brands spend lots of money on branding their product, making it more appealing to the consumer. The trick you can spend less money on generic brands priced lower because less money is spent on advertising that product. For example, some bottled water companies produce bottled water from the same factory, but packaged and branded differently which range in price.
Photo source: http://www.bu.edu/met/programs/graduate/advertising/

Be in the Know
Budget KnowledgeEducate yourself and be aware of the typical prices of the items you buy. Looking up prices online or frequenting different grocery stores can help you to get familiar with the average market prices of items. If you know you’re paying way too much for something, take your business elsewhere!

Grocery stores arrange their products to encourage you to buy more. Items are arranged conveniently for example crackers, cheese, and spreads to encourage you to buy more.

Shop the perimeter of the store.
As a rule of thumb, the perimeter of the store is where all of the food you really need is located. From time to time you will need to go into the middle of the store, but generally the healthiest and cheapest foods are around the perimeter.

Photo source: http://growingnaturals.com/archive/knowledgecenter.php

If you are looking for more ways to save money on your grocery bill visit http://www.frugalshopper.ca/ for some excellent tips!

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