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How to Stay Financially Savvy During Wedding Season

Taking advantage of beautiful weather and amazing relationships you’ve nurtured over the years at a summer wedding can be a wonderful experience. But what happens when the celebrations start weighing heavily on your finances? Attending weddings can be pricey, so we’ve compiled a list of ways to ensure you can attend, whilst keeping more money in your pocket.

Buying an Outfit that can be Worn AgainFloral Dress

More and more often we see weddings becoming more casual and personal. Take advantage of this and purchase an outfit that will prove useful for other upcoming events and in everyday life. If semi-casual isn’t an option, look for rental shops. These types of stores are popping up everywhere as an affordable option to buying that brand new dress or suit that you may not wear again. Consignment stores are also a great way to find that perfect outfit at a great price.

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Going the Distanceheartmap

If you’ve come to terms with the out of town wedding, try to book early to get a better price.

Booking accommodation early will reduce costs.   Generally, the earlier you book the less expensive it will be. Other options such as, apartment sharing or staying in a University residence may help. For those sunny destination weddings, check with the happy couple to find out whether there is a discount available for guests.

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Split the Costcheckplease

Buying a gift for the happy couple can be tricky, especially if you don’t want your gift to seem cheap. Splitting the cost between other guests can be a great way to remedy this. The wedding hosts will be happy they received a bigger ticket item on their registry, a win-win!

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Be Honestcucumbereyes

Being honest with your friends is always a good thing.   It won’t matter how much money you put towards their special day- it’s more important to them that you attend. Get creative with contributing your talents i.e: photography, event planning etc.  This type of help will be well received.

Photo source: http://www.ivillage.ca/relationships/divorce/clone-of-the-rules-dating-after-divorce

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