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I came to Hardie & Kelly to find help for a solution to my financial problems; I have found the solution and people who have cared about me as a person. They have worked hard to ensure that my quality of life is back.



Carole is a 75 year old woman receiving a limited pension income.  Her pensions were being garnisheed by the Canada Revenue Agency because she had previously worked and received a pension income and had not paid enough in taxes.  She was having a difficult time buying food.  Carole had been bankrupt before, when she was in her 40’s, and did not want to file a second bankruptcy.  Her total debt was approximately $30,000, as she also had some credit card debt.  Carole and her administrator at Hardie & Kelly determined that she could afford to pay $150 per month towards her debt and offered a proposal to her creditors.  The creditors accepted the proposal and Carole’s pensions were reinstated. She has managed to make her payments and her quality of life has improved insurmountably.