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We are both in our 80’s, with debts of $107,000.  With my husband's Alzheimer's disease, his pension now goes to his care. There isn't enough for the debt payments - even with me working.



Angela and her husband were in their 80’s, and over many years, had run up debts of $107,000.  Angela had a pension, but still worked on a part-time basis as a Legal Assistant.

She and her husband were making ends meet, barely, when her husband was stricken with Alzheimer’s disease and needed to enter an extended care facility.  The costs of the facility required her husband’s entire pension. As well, she was subsidizing some of his medical expenses and food.  She was no longer able to pay her debts as they became due and decided to meet with us to discuss her options.

Angela decided that based on her age and the potential that she could stop working at any time, she would file for bankruptcy and relieve the burden of her debts.