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After my wife passed away, I found a place where I could be around people without having to talk to anyone: the local casino.  Eventually, I started gambling - within two years I had remortgaged my house three times, and had maxed out my credit.



Jim is a 43 year old engineer with three children.  When his wife passed away leaving him a single dad he became overwhelmed and depressed.  Jim started spending time at a casino near his home.  He told us that the sounds, and being around people while not having to talk to anyone drew him there on a regular basis.  Jim started gambling.  Within two years he had remortgaged his house three times and had maxed out his credit cards and other personal lines of credit.  Jim hid his addiction from his family, friends and co-workers.  When he came to see us at Hardie & Kelly, we were able to immediately identify his problems, assist him in seeking outside assistance to help him overcome his addiction and help get his finances back on track.

We helped Jim save his home and keep his family together.