Hardie & Kelly Verity Energy Ltd.Verity Energy Ltd.

Receivership Proceedings

On April 28, 2017, the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta issued an Order appointing Hardie & Kelly Inc. as Receiver (the “Receiver”) of only the interest of Verity Energy Ltd. (“Verity”) in the Sexsmith Plant, and all right title and interest in and to those interests, facilities, assets and any related assets (the “Property”).

Status Update – November 2 2017

The Receiver has been discharged and the proceedings concluded.  The principal secured creditor experienced a shortfall from the realizations. Consequently, there were no funds available for distribution to unsecured creditors.

Court Orders

Court Filings

Receiver’s Reports

Contact information for the Receiver – Marc Kelly at 403-536-8510 or mkelly@insolvency.net